What is unlocking?

After the unlocking procedure the phone can be used in networks of any cellular operator, not just the AT & T Company’s. You only need to remove the AT & T Company SIM-card and insert the SIM-card of another operator. True, the iPhone will not be able to perform this operation in the usual way, so you should have to do some manipulations.

Is it safe? Can the phone at the same time fail?

Maybe. There is always the fear that in the process of unlocking the phone can completely come out of order, and the only way to overcome this sense is to read the testimonials from those who already have done such a procedure before. If you just follow the instructions, the likelihood of damage to the iPhone repeatedly reduces. Later, after unlocking the phone, you should exercise caution in the new update for the iPhone. Do not simply choose the version update into iTunes and download it - wait until the hackers involved iPhone, will release new tools to re-perform the same procedure on the new firmware (and check their safety).

Is it easy to do this? Flashing the phone seems so complicated!

Yes, it is easy. Previously, it was not easy, but the situation has changed with the advent of programs with one or two buttons, greatly simplified the process of rewriting. Do not worry. Now anyone can unlock the iPhone.

How to unlock iPhone?

For this you should download the jailbreaking program and the software for unbinding from the initial cellular operator. Firstly you must jailbreak your iPhone and then install the program, which will unlock it from the AT&T operator lock. All the needed software you can find in the Internet according to the device version. It is very simply and effective.